BRIDGE Bibliographies provide a brief overview of a priority area identirifying the main themes, debates and actors. This is followed by a selection of key resources published on this issue with a useful summary and link to the resource. The Networking and Contact Details section provides a short summary and contact details of key organisations working in this area. Bibliographies are a particularly useful tool for those wishing to research more around a particular issue.

Bibliographies (40)
Author(s): A. Gurumurthy, N. Chami, BRIDGE, Mar 2014

The rapid global spread of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and particularly the proliferation of mobile Internet devices, is redefining not only the realms of... Find out more

Author(s): G Aboud, Institute of Development Studies UK, Jan 2011
This Supporting Resources Collection - part of the BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Climate Change- showcases existing work on gender and climate change. It presents summaries of a mix of conceptual and research papers, policy briefings, advocacy documents, case study material and practical... Find out more
Author(s): E. Esplen, Institute of Development Studies UK, Feb 2009
This Supporting Resources Collection show-cases existing work on gender and care. It presents summaries and links to key texts, tools and case studies which provide further information on the five main questions addressed in the BRIDGE Gender and Care Overview Report: How can we prompt a re-... Find out more
Author(s): Hazel Reeves, Heike Wach, BRIDGE, Jan 1999
At the macroeconomic level, public expenditure decisions have been shown to be 'gender-blind' and disadvantage women. Efforts to engender national budgets can be either initiated from within government or outside government, but most have come from outside. South Africa's national level Women's... Find out more
Author(s): Paola Brambilla (ed), , Jan 2006
This paper presents twenty recent writings in French which provide a variety of gender specific information. They come from feminist, academic and activist sources and are categorised into three main groups: resources from Northern-based organisations, resources from Southern-based organisations,... Find out more
Author(s): , BRIDGE, Jan 2006
Ce document contient la liste de sites internet en français, qui fournissent des informations sur des thèmes variés. La liste comprend des sites d'organisations basées au Sud et au Nord ainsi que d'organisations multilatérales impliquées dans des actions pour la promotion de l'égalité de genre et... Find out more
Author(s): Helen Dixon, Paola Brambilla (ed), BRIDGE, Jan 2008
This annotated bibliography presents a selection of materials on gender and development from individuals and organisations based in Spanish-speaking countries. The resources reflect the main issues that women's movements have recently been grappling with in Latin America, such as the impact of... Find out more
Author(s): P Brambilla, H Dixon, BRIDGE, Dec 2008
Esta bibliografía comentada presenta una selección de sitios en internet sobre género y desarrollo de organizaciones e iniciativas en países hispanohablantes. Da una idea de la riqueza de los debates feministas y las iniciativas sensibles al género que están teniendo lugar sobre todo en América... Find out more
Author(s): E. Esplen, BRIDGE, Jan 2007
HIV/AIDS is both driven by and entrenches gender inequality, leaving women more vulnerable than men to its impact. This report - consisting of an overview, annotated bibliography, and contacts section - considers the specific challenges faced by women and girls who are living with HIV and AIDS.... Find out more
Author(s): P. Brambilla, H. Dixon, Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2008
This annotated bibliography presents a selection of websites on gender and development from organisations and initiatives based in Spanish-speaking countries. It gives a flavour of the richness of feminist debates and gender sensitive work being carried out mainly in Latin America but also in Spain... Find out more