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Siyanda Update: Latin America and the Caribbean - Issue No. 89, December 2010

Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Dec 2010


In This Issue:

I. Webpages on gender and care: a BRIDGE-Choike collaboration
II. Country Focus: Latin America and the Caribbean
III. Experts' and Consultants' Database: a selection of published work from Siyanda Experts who have written on Latin America and the Caribbean
IV. Contribute section: share news, resources, opportunities and perspectives

I. Webpages on gender and care: a BRIDGE-Choike collaboration
We have worked in partnership with Choike, based in Uruguay, to transform our Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Care into a dynamic web-based output in Spanish, which includes resources and organisations that are specific to the Latin American context. By including regional issues, case studies and materials relevant to the theme, we are hoping to make the output more useful to the Latin American audience.
You can access the webpages at

Choike ( is a portal dedicated to improving the visibility of the work done by NGOs and social movements from the South. It serves as a platform where citizen groups can disseminate their work and at the same time enrich it with information from diverse sources, which is presented from the perspective of Southern civil society. They are based in Uruguay, South America. Choike is currently a member of our International Advisory Committee.

II. Country Focus: Latin America and the Caribbean
A vibrant feminist movement has mobilised Latin American women for decades. As a result, several countries in the region now have laws establishing similar rights and obligations for women and men. However, inequalities and discrimination remain both in the public and in the private sphere and gender stereotypes are firmly entrenched.

The following resources have been selected from a number of new additions to the BRIDGE database that explore gender issues in this region:

- ‘What kind of State? What kind of equality?’, XI Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2010
This report analyses the progress of States toward attaining gender equality in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), measuring it against international goals and agreements from the last 15 years.

- Pop Culture with a Purpose: Edutainment media for social change, Puntos de Encuentro, 2010
Edutainment is a communication-centred strategy aimed to bring about positive social change. The document provides examples of good practice, strategies, planning and evaluation recommendations, references for information and advice.

- Video: Politicas de Cuidado. Politicas que Transforman (Care Policies. Transforming Policies), Area Practica de Genero, UNDP, 2010 (in Spanish)
This video emphasises the need to change attitudes, policies and services to ensure social co-responsibility around care work.

- Website: Observatorio de Igualdad de Genero en America Latina y el Caribe, (Gender Equality Observatory in Latin America and the Caribbean), ECLAC, 2010 (in Spanish)
Through indicators measuring women’s economic, physical and decision-making autonomy, countries in the region are monitored on how well they fare in achieving gender equality.

- Guía de capacitación en derechos humanos de las mujeres. Tejiendo el cambio (Capacity Building Guide in Women’s Human Rights), 2009 (in Spanish)
This guide addresses new circumstances and challenges in the region, such as free trade and development conditioned on the global market, and highlights the importance to educate women about their human rights, promote collective critical reflection, and for them to mobilise to exercise these rights.

- Audio: Callejeras Callejeando, Mujeres de Ciudad, 2010 (in Spanish)
This broadcast reports on countries like Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil and Peru where the Safe Cities Regional Programme is being implemented. The programme is run by UNIFEM and promotes cities free from violence against women and safe for all.

You can find other resources on Latin America at:

Please also visit the archive section to view past Country Focus selections:

III. Experts' and Consultants' Database: a selection of published work from Siyanda Experts who have written on Latin America and the Caribbean
The Siyanda Gender Experts' and Consultants' Database, with over 1,400 profiles, can be used as a networking tool for connecting practitioners, researchers, activists, students and experts with like-minded colleagues, persons working on similar themes, or in the same geographical location.

The database is also an excellent resource for those seeking experts for gender-focused consultancies.

Each profile contains the Expert’s contact details and areas of expertise, and highlights their publications. The following resources have been selected from experts who have written on Latin America.

- La Salud Sexual y Reproductiva: una Carrera de Obstáculos (Sexual and Reproductive Health: a Steeplechase), Shepard, B., 2009.
- Women, Gender and the Informal Economy: An Assessment of ILO Research, Chant, S. (with Carolyn Pedwell), 2008
- Better than those Pretty Jobs:’ Gender Differences in Work and Working Conditions among IT Workers in Jamaica and Toronto, Davis, M., 2006
- Complementarity to the Debit of Women: Conceptions about the Body and Sexuality among Mayan Kichés in Guatemala, Kalny, E., 2003