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Website: Radio Internacional Feminista (RIF/FIRE) Costa Rica (in Spanish and English)

Publisher: Feminist International Radio Endeavour / Radio Internacional Feminista
Publication Date: Jan 2008
Radio FIRE (Radio Internacional Feminista) is a communications project produced by Latin American and Caribbean women living in Costa Rica. It communicates information and analysis from women's perspectives through campaigns, radio and the internet, promoting human rights, feminism, non-stereotyped images of women, respect for diversity and non-sexist communication. It also works to strengthen feminist communications networks locally, regionally and globally, and offers training in the use of radio, the internet and other media. The first page of the site gives up to date coverage of national and international issues and events. It also offers sections with radio programme packages, an archive of materials about specific current events, videos and links to women's organisation websites and the Costa Rican campaign against the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.