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Welcome to the Global Resources Database. This library contains over 3,000 specially selected gender documents picked from over 1,500 sources. It covers longstanding concerns and debates as well as emerging issues. It provides access to research, reports and policy documents, as well as records of good practice, lessons learnt and case studies, amongst other things. Each resource has been summarised providing a brief overview, key findings and recommendations, to help you save time deciding which resources you really want to read.

The database is added to monthly with the latest resources on a particular theme and/or region. We often pick a theme which is particularly relevant, for example, linking in with the theme of a key international gender event or campaign. However some months we like to showcase work from a region or on a theme that is underrepresented to provide space for more marginalised issue and further add to the diversity of our database.

We also strive to make resources available in languages other than English. A number of resources are available in French and Spanish, as well as other languages within the database.

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Authors: K. Kangaspunta, F. Sarrica, R. Johansen, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime , Nov 2014
Human trafficking, the forced movement and exploitation of persons, is the basest of crimes and yet remains prevalent in every region of the globe, while offenders too often escape prosecution. That is the perspective of this report... Find out more
Refugees International , Dec 2015
Since April 2015, political instability and violence has rocked Burundi, forcing an estimated 220,000 people to flee to neighbouring countries. Approximately half of these refugees are women, and around half of the many women who reported... Find out more
Authors: A. Bilak, M. Caterina, G. Charron, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre , May 2015
Since the end of the Cold War, changing geopolitical forces and the rise of non-state armed groups (NSAGs) have radically reshaped the nature and scale of the internal displacement of people around the globe. At the end of 2014, armed... Find out more
Author: M. Yonetani, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre , Jul 2015
Since 2008, an average of 26.4 million people have been displaced due to natural disasters every year. This equates to roughly one person every second. Addressing this issue represents a huge challenge for all concerned, and has led... Find out more
Authors: G. Wolfensohn, A. Milkovic, M. Nedeva, UN Women, Jan 2016
Over one million men, women, and children travelled to Western Europe to claim asylum in 2015, with many transiting through Turkey, Greece, and the Western Baltics on their way north. Countries such as Serbia and fYR Macedonia, who had not... Find out more
Authors: G. Ferrant, M. Tuccio, E. Loiseau, K. Nowacka, OECD Development Centre, Apr 2014
Migration patterns, choices and outcomes are not gender neutral. Women account for almost half of all global migration, and within that are a number of important gendered differences and considerations that must be explored and accounted... Find out more
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jan 2015
The refugee crisis currently playing out around the world is almost unprecedented in living memory. Not since World War II have so many people been forcibly displaced. While conflict in Syria and the resulting flows of people seeking... Find out more
Authors: C. Caton, J. Chaffin, M. Marsh, Women's Refugee Commission, Jan 2014
Even in times of peace and stability, adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable members of society in low-income countries. In times of emergency, this vulnerability is multiplied, with girls facing various rights violations,... Find out more
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jan 2016
Not since World War II has Europe seen such massive movements of refugees and migrants fleeing from armed conflict, persecution, and pervasive sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Almost one million people arrived through the... Find out more
International Organization for Migration , Jan 2015
Human migration in the Arab region has a long and fascinating history. Whether it was nomads searching for fresh pastures, or today’s young students and scientists drawn to intellectual hubs, people have always moved with the aim of... Find out more