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Gender and conflict analysis toolkit for peacebuilders

Author: S. Tielemans
Publisher: Conciliation Resources
Publication Date: Dec 2015

Integrating gender into conflict analysis can increase the inclusivity and effectiveness of peacebuilding interventions. It does this by enhancing the understanding of underlying gender power relations and how these influence and are affected by armed conflict and peacebuilding. It sheds light on the drivers of conflict, (potential) agents and opportunities for peace, as well as practices of exclusion and discrimination including in peacebuilding interventions themselves. The gender & conflict analysis toolkit by Conciliation Resources, an independent international organisation working with people in conflict to prevent violence, resolve conflicts and promote peaceful societies, is designed for peacebuilders and provides practical guidance to peacebuilding practitioners on using gender and conflict analysis.

Conciliation Resources’ intention in producing this toolkit is to fill a gap in guidance available to peacebuilding practitioners on how to do gender-sensitive conflict analysis and to provide this in an accessible way, sharing insights from our own work. The toolkit can be used in a variety of ways: to deepen understanding of the concept of gender; to conduct peace and conflict analysis in a given context; or as conflict analysis training materials. This toolkit is based on Conciliation Resources’ experience in conflict-affected contexts and draws on our participatory approach to conflict analysis. It was developed over a two-year time frame and informed by research, reflection and discussion, involving various colleagues and partners and also numerous external experts.