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Young women and work in Nigeria: how young women, including those with disabilities, can be supported to find employment and earn an income

Publisher: Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme
Publication Date: Jan 2017

While the current Nigerian government’s commitment to youth employment is evident in the investments being made  through these youth employment and empowerment programmes, this study provides further evidence that such schemes lack a gender analysis  and responsiveness, which combined with  other issues, affect such programmes’ transparency, operational effectiveness, politicisation  and  impact.

While young women appreciate and are benefiting from some of the higher quality programmes, there is limited evidence of impact and sustainable increases in employment and income  earning. In particular,  youth employment and empowerment programmes often suffer from poor design, targeting, implementation and monitoring.  

This report presents findings from a qualitative study commission by the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme  (NSRP),  exploring the  extent  to  which  government  youth  employment  and  empowerment programmes  are  targeting,  reaching  and  working  for  young  women,  with  a  particular  focus  on  the  most prominent  federal  level  programmes including th  Subsidy Reinvestmen  and Empowerment  Programme (SURE-P); Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria Programme (YouWIN!); Youth Employment and Social Support Operation  (YESSO); Vocational Skills Development (VSD); and Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria (G-WIN).  

The study focuses on the experiences of young women, including those with physical disabilities, in rural and semi-urban areas in three of NSRP’s target states: Kaduna (Middle Belt), Kano (North-west) and Rivers States (South-South).