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Gender equality and trade-related capacity building: a resource tool for practitioners

Publisher: Canadian International Development Agency
Publication Date: Jan 2005
This publication is aimed at CIDA officers, partners, and development practitioners internationally. It provides a tool to ensure that the differential impact of trade on women and men is understood, and that men and women are able to benefit equally from the new opportunities created by trade liberalisation. Trade-related capacity building, or TRCB, is defined as 'activities that create the necessary skills and capacities among government, private sector and civil society actors to enable them to work together [on trade issues]'. These capacities include: analysing, formulating and implementing trade policy; building trade-related institutions; engaging in trade and supplying international markets; negotiating and implementing trade agreements; and addressing the need for transitional adjustment measures for sectors and groups of people affected by trade reform. The tool highlights gender equality issues, barriers and needs in relation to various aspects of trade liberalisation and trade-related capacity building. It also suggests that gender may be addressed through a variety of mechanisms in these programmes, including in policy-development processes, improvements in analytical and technical capacities within and between partner organisations and through the development of standards. The involvement of women and an ongoing awareness in these processes of the ways in which gender inequality persists is crucial.