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Gender and Transport: Managing and Financing Rural Transport

Author: J. Lebo
Publisher: World Bank
Publication Date: Nov 1999
The initial 10 slides of this powerpoint presentation set out the following: the rationale for addressing gender and transport; some statistics; gender and transport issues; lessons learnt from recent experience; key issues for transport professionals; and strategies for engaging rural women. Reasons cited for addressing gender and transport are those of social equity, economic and social efficiency, social sustainability, and health and safety considerations. The presentation highlights the lack of gender disaggregated information on travel patterns and needs. It also emphasises the necessity to involve rural women and utilise their unique insight in the transport planning process, recommending, where possible, working through established women's organisations. The remaining 16 slides provide a Kenyan case study: that of the Kajiado Rural Transport Programme in Kenya, a pilot project of the Intemediate Technology (IT) and the District Agricultural Office (DAO) which works with Maasai women.