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Gender and Urban Social Movements: Women's Community Responses to Restructuring and Urban Poverty (DP 76)

Author: M. Farmelo, A. Lind
Publication Date: Jun 1996
Do women respond to urban poverty and economic restructuring' What are the gender effects of decentralisation measures on women's community actions' Political and administrative decentralisation at the local level does not necessarily mean the empowerment of women who are heavily involved in community decision-making. This paper analyses different types of women's organisations and movements and how gender issues affect their participation in decentralised local governments. Some examples of women's community action are given in neighbourhood, anti-violence and housing projects in Latin America and the United States. These case studies show how women's organisations confront structural economic inequalities and various forms of gender discrimination. Suggestions for research and policy are given, such as gender analysis of neoliberal policies and their impacts, gender sensitive urban policies, support for local women's organisations and networking, integration of gender issues in all development frameworks, programmes and projects both by governments and development agencies.