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Gender Equality in Danish Development Co-operation: A Contribution to the Revision of Danish Development Policy

Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Danida, Denmark
Publication Date: May 2000
This working paper was drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as input in the on-going discussion and revision of Denmark's development policies and strategy. A continued area of concern is the inequality between women and men, for example their access to vital economic resources, education and health facilities as well as participation in decision-making processes and the like. The mainstreaming of gender in development is no longer justified by securing the (economic) sustainability of a project or programme. It is a right for women to participate in the process of development. The working paper provides a brief outline of the status and an overview of the most important development trends in the area of gender (chapter 2).The development of Danish policy and the operationalisation of gender in Danish development co-operation are then discussed (chapter 3). While chapter 4 examines a number of specific and selected bilateral experiences of working with gender in development co- operation, chapter 5 contains a brief overview of some aspects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs'/Danida's experience with promoting gender in multilateral co-operation. Finally, chapter 6 contains the most important conclusions and recommendations for the further strategy process with respect to gender issues in Danish development policy.