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The Challenge of Working with Gender: Experiences from Danish-Ugandan development cooperation

Author: B. Keller, A. Klausen, Stella Mukasa
Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Apr 2000
This study on Danish-Ugandan development co-operation was commissioned by Danida as a contribution to the five-year follow-up of the Fourth Global Conference on Women held in Beijing, 1995. This publication stresses opportunities and challenges, rather than 'best practices.' It describes and analyses experiences, pitfalls encountered, achievements and challenges for the future, with particular reference to three Danish-supported programmes in Uganda. The initial chapter provides the reader with an overview of gender concepts, strategies, approaches and goals. The next chapter describes gender inequalities in Ugandan society, national commitments to reduce inequality, and support to equality goals in Danish-Ugandan development co-operation. The following three chapters analyse the specific cases of the study, namely the Gender and Development Programme (GAD/DAN), the Water Sector Programme Support (WSPS) and the Agricultural Sector Programme Support (ASPS). The final chapter summarises and discusses the opportunities and challenges within a lessons learnt perspective.