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Feminist Theology and Religious Diversity

Author: W. Amina
Publisher: Indiana University Press, Bloomington
Publication Date: Jun 2000
Part of a symposium on feminist theology and religious diversity. In response to Rita M. Gross' contribution to this symposium, the writer shares Gross's concerns over the issue of 'diversity' in the context of feminist theology but challenges the terms of Gross's rhetoric. She maintains that Gross's use of the term 'diversity' disallows the inclusion of racial issues in the discourse and that the term thus used partakes in the politics of exclusivity. She also proposes some constructive ideas regarding Islam as it relates to the academic context of women and religion. She contends that the tendency to reduce Islam to any specific culture, historical context, gender, race, ethnicity, or class is to deprive it of its potential for universal manifestation. She concludes with some advice to Muslim women in the academy.