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Economy and Culture in Pakistan: Migrants and Cities in Muslim Society

Author: H. Donna, P. Werbner
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date: Jan 1991
Migration within Pakistan, and overseas to the UK or Middle East, has brought about social changes in many parts of Punjab. Long-term male absences have sometimes allowed wives greater decision-making power regarding land, children's education and household finances. Evidence suggests these powers do not revert back to the male upon his return. Ironically, for many daughters of such families, the increased purchasing power has led to inflated dowries, withdrawal from agriculture and increasing seclusion. Men returning from migration faced problems not only of economic integration, but also social and cultural readjustment. This dislocation has popularly been termed the ?Dubai syndrome?, referring to a range of sexual, guilt and depressive symptoms which can afflict migrants and their families throughout the migration process.