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March 8th, Women's Day, Eight Goals to Shine a Little Brighter

Author: Y. Kane
Publisher: Sud Quotidien
Publication Date: Mar 2003
In 2003 UNIFEM Senegal celebrated International Women's Day on the theme of "Gender and the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)". The MDGs are eight goals which governments committed themselves to at the millennium summit in September 2000. These include reducing poverty and hunger, providing primary education for all, promoting gender equality, improving maternal health, fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other sicknesses, guaranteeing a sustainable environment and setting up a world partnership for development. Gender equality and empowerment of women are themselves an MDG; they are also essential to the realisation of the other goals. Such issues are particularly relevant in this time of global conflict, from which women will suffer most. This is in spite of resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security, adopted by the Security Council one month after the millennium summit, which calls for the protection of women in conflict zones and their participation in peace building.