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Social Policy in an Era of Trade Intensification: A Perspective from Asian Women

Author: M. Durano, H. Malapit
Publisher: Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era
Publication Date: Jan 2002
This is the second in a series of three comprehensive economic literacy packets produced by the Asia Network of the International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN). The IGTN aims to engage with the global women's movement to raise awareness of the relationship between gender relations and macroeonomic and trade polices. The intention of the Network is to provide information that may be used for the purposes of lobbying and advocacy within regional and global trade and investment agreements. The packet includes seven modules that offer insights and analyses into how women's work is affected by social security, funds and insurance. The seven modules are as follows: Women and Regional Cooperation on Trade; Trade Intensification, Growth and Social Protection: The Southeast Asian Experience; Issues in Social Policy and Trade Policy; Social Policy and Trade in Agriculture; Social Policy and Trade in Textile and Clothing, Social Policy and Trade in Services; and Finding the Link Between Trade Policy and Social Policy.