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Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies

Author: P. Ilkkaracan
Publisher: Women for Women's Rights - New Ways, Turkey
Publication Date: Jan 2000
Controlling the sexuality of women continues to be one of the most powerful tools of patriarchy in most societies. The essays in this volume show that the sexual oppression of Muslim women is not the result of an Islamic vision of sexuality, but a combination of political, social and economic inequalities practiced through the ages. Female researchers, academicians, activists, poets, journalists and cartoonists from 14 different countries examine various aspects of women's sexuality with analysis, research, literature and personal accounts. The insights of these authors are diverse and stem from their lives and the societies in which they live. What links them is their quest for integrity of the body, dignity and the right to pleasure. The topics covered include sexuality and the politics of pleasure; desire, love and virginity; marriage and the control of women's sexuality; love and sexuality between women; sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuse; and strategies to deal with women's sexuality in the context of Islam.