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Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Publication Date: Jan 2003
This series of eight training videos which accompanies the above workbook is for learning about the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and its relevance to women's daily lives. These short narrative dramas showing the effects of patriarchy on women and girls are based on real life stories. They are selected from around the world and filmed in four countries. The dramas include:
? '5 PESOS' filmed in Rosario, Argentina, relates mainly to CEDAW articles: 5: Sex Roles and Stereotypes and Article 10: Education.
? 'Heroisme au Quotidien' (Daily Heroes), filmed in Senegal, relates mainly to CEDAW Article 7: Political and Public Life and Article 8: Participation at International Level.
? 'Yalivio' (Price of a Women), filmed in Zanzibar, Tanzania, relates mainly to CEDAW Article 16: Marriage and Family
? 'Women Hold Up Half the Sky', filmed in New York, USA, relates mainly to CEDAW Article 1: Definition of Discrimination, Article 2: Policy Measures to be taken to Eliminate Discrimination, Article 3: Basic Human Rights, Article 4: Temporary Special Measures to Achieve Equality and Article 13: Economic Social benefits.
? 'Safari', filmed in Zanzibar, Tanzania, relates mainly to Article 6: Prostitution and Trafficking and Article 9: Nationality

The video is accompanied by a manual prepared for the training of trainers, to be adapted to their own national and local needs, and to introduce CEDAW across their societies. Even though the video series and the manual are about CEDAW, the producers of the series feel these materials can be used as education tools for learning about the human rights framework from a gender perspective as it relates to everyone's daily lives.