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Does Sex Make a Difference: An Equalities Pack for Young People on International Women's Day

Publication Date: Feb 2003
?Get a Life!? is one message of this pack which looks at why women are underrepresented in politics in the UK. Young people, particularly girls, are encouraged to get involved in politics and representative bodies in school, community and government. Positive stories are presented of women's and young people's participation in politics. Classroom activities, practical tips, and useful contacts are offered. Other issues covered are stereotypes around who does which job, the wage gap and domestic violence. This 22-page pack was prepared to be used by teachers in UK secondary schools and others working with young people in the week preceding International Women's Day on March 8th. The pack introduces the history of International Women's Day, and inequalities between women and men in different countries around the world including the UK. The focus is on inequalities between women and men, girls and boys in the UK, and on issues relevant to young people. Statistics are featured such as that on average boys get more pocket money than girls. Why girls lose interest in Information and Technology and Science during secondary school is also explored.