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Gender Budgets: What's in it for NGOs?

Author: D. Budlender
Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Nov 2002
Over the last seven years, there has been increasing interest in gender budget work worldwide. There are, however, big differences between the initiatives in different countries. In particular, in some cases the initiatives have been located inside government; in other cases in Parliament; and in yet others within civil society. This article discusses what gender budgets entail, and why non-governmental organisations (NGOs) might be interested in engaging in them. NGOs may engage in gender budgets as an effective advocacy tool, and this can be done by non-economists. Successful gender budgets work should be manageable in size and objective, and should focus on gender power relations, not simply on women. Although gender budgets work is often difficult to do, it is important to provide facts and to provide numerical evidence of inequality, in order to make the case for engaging in gender budgets as strong as possible.