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Rights and Reality, Are Women's Equal Rights to Land, Housing and Property Implemented in East Africa?

Publisher: United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Publication Date: Sep 2002
Are women's equal rights to land, housing and property implemented in East Africa? How are land rights translated into national legislation in the Region? This books explores land, housing and property rights in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, and looks at how relevant international treaties are transformed into national legislation and policies in these three countries. A detailed analysis of constitutions and laws on land, housing, inheritance, marriage and divorce laws is also offered. In addition, the role of women's organisations and alliances in recent law reform is discussed, as well as the role of NGOs and paralegal networks in implementing women's rights at community level. Country-specific recommendations are provided, such as the need to: include provisions explicitly spelling women's equal rights to land in the Ugandan Land Act; amend the Tanzanian constitutions to include a provision that declares customary laws discriminating against women void; and to ensure gender balance in composition of land and judicial bodies in Kenya.