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Gender, Citizenship and Governance: A Global Sourcebook

Publisher: Oxfam
Publication Date: Feb 2004
This resource book explores some of the experiences of Southern practitioners and experts working in the field of gender, citizenship and governance which have emerged in the context of KIT's 'Gender, Citizenship and Governance' programme. The book begins by giving an overview of the debates within development on citizenship and governance and how they relate to gender equality. Four case studies demonstrate citizen action to promote awareness of women's entitlements, participation in government and accountability of governance institutions. The first case study is of a women's resource centre in Kerala, India, who worked to ensure women's participation in local government in the context of decentralisation. The second describes how women's rights organisations in Pakistan were able to open up spaces for consultation on women's interests as part of the National Commission on the Status of Women. The third case study is of a research programme which fed into reforms of customary marriage law in South Africa. The fourth is of the NGO 'Sister Namibia' and their widespread mobilisation campaign for 50% of women in national and regional level politics. The extensive annotated bibliography contains many key texts related to all areas of citizenship and governance.