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Rethinking Domestic Violence: A Training Process for Community Activists

Author: L. Michau, D. Naker
Publisher: Raising Voices
Publication Date: Jan 2012
The Training Process is a programme tool for strengthening the capacity of a wide range of community actors such as trainers and activists to prevent domestic violence. It is a series of training sessions that will help participants think about, discuss and take action to prevent domestic violence. The Training Process is organized in six sections, each offering a series of two-hour modules designed to strengthen capacity of participants to prevent domestic violence. The introduction gives an overview of the work, a brief description of the ideas behind the approach and some tips on how to facilitate the process. Section One is on gender and rights and explores belief systems in the community that allow domestic violence to occur. It talks about women's rights, why they are important and who has the obligation to protect them. Section Two develops a more substantive understanding of the issues and encourages participants to explore experiences and consequences of domestic violence within their communities. Section Three outlines the skills and personal qualities needed to prevent domestic violence such as listening and facilitation skills. Section Four on taking action helps participants develop action plans. There is also a section on monitoring and evaluation together with additional information, handouts and learning tools.