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On Combatting Violence Against Women: The Performance of Lebanese Non-Governmental Organizations

Author: A. Beydoun
Publication Date: Jan 2002
This paper profiles two non- governmental organizations on opposite sides of a bipolar continuum. One is a religious Muslim organization, and the other is civic and secular. They share the same coordinates of time and place (i.e. Lebanon today) but adopt opposite approaches to violence against women. The first organization craves to restore the first Islamic era and anchors its performance in a historic cultural background of handling women's issues in general, and violence against women in specific. In contrast, the second organization views itself within a global context, from which it directly derives its reference frameworks and performance methodology (after adapting these frameworks to local social culture). Unlike the first organization, the second is futuristic; i. e., it is most probably based on a model to which non- governmental organizations in Lebanon increasingly aspire to reach.