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Toolkit on Gender, Transport and Maternal Mortality in Africa

Author: M. Grieco
Publisher: Napier University
Publication Date: Mar 2005
Maternal mortality is not simply fatal, but is often a cruel and harsh lived experience for African women. Constraints on mobility and on the resources for mobility (e.g., transport facilities and hostel provision for those in need of, or likely to need, emergency obstetric care) have devastating consequences for women's health, particularly maternal mortality, on the African continent. Despite this, the differences between male and female travel patterns and the cultural rules and roles associated with these differences and their impact on women's health are unexplored in the policy environment. This toolkit presents an introduction to the topic of gender and transport, along with an explanation of the impact of constrained mobility on African women's health. It includes a map of maternal mortality in Africa, an overview of African data on the topic, a review of best practices, as well as references and on-line materials and an image gallery.