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Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps): Case Studies in Education

Author: A. Gibbard, A. Norton, H. Poulsen
Publisher: Cambridge Education Consultants
Publication Date: Oct 2000
This study was aimed to produce practical guidelines on good practice in mainstreaming gender into the planning and implementation of education SWAps. SWAps are a move away from project-focused approaches in educational development and the 'islands of excellence' that these entail, towards the provision of technical assistance within a coherent sector policy. This study looks at the implications of Sector Wide Approaches for the consideration and inclusion of gender concerns using case studies from Ghana, Uganda and India. Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders in donor organisations, governments and civil society groups, and a literature review was conducted. The research was part of a wider programme on gender equality and SWAPs co-ordinated by the OECD DAC. The studies concluded that SWAPs do have the possibility to further gender equality goals more effectively than project approaches but that they mean closer attention being paid to ensuring a gender perspective in operational and policy frameworks, monitoring and institutional learning. They also point to the need to ensure gender policies do not 'evaporate' and that dissemination processes of lessons learned are vital.