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Computer Tool: Girls' Education Designing for Success

Author: E. Kane
Publisher: World Bank
Publication Date: Jun 2005
This is a tool to help policymakers, planners, educators, researchers, managers and other development specialists to create practical country-led and country-specific plans for educating girls. It is intended to be part of a serious program of planning, to explore issues, perhaps carry out some research, assess and analyse project materials and assemble them in a set of forms that will assist with identifying the issues in the project country or area. It focuses on primary intake, survival to Grade 6 and universal primary completion, but also covers a wider range of relevant indicators, at both primary and secondary level, plus others that educators consider important in reaching gender parity, such as literacy rates, percentage of female teachers, and participation in the labour market. It is divided into steps as follows:

Step 1: Looking at the Benefits
Step 2: Identifying Problems in a Country or Region
Step 3: Identifying Causes
Step 4: Identifying and Assessing Interventions
Step 5a: Help with Designing a Project
Step 5b: Designing Your Project