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Gender in Motion. Tackling Gender Differences in Transport Needs, Access and Planning in Ghana

Author: J. Turner
Publisher: University of Manchester
Publication Date: May 1998
This report on research in Ghana argues that gender is a missing link in approaches to transport use and planning. Women have more problems gaining access to transport than men, while transportation needs of men and women often differ. For instance public transport vehicles often fail to cater for women with dependent children. Also transport planning tends to focus on single purpose predominantly male journeys to work whereas women tend to make multipurpose journeys to service providers like health centres and schools in locations scattered around the urban complex. The researchers warn that this 'gendering' of transport has negative social impacts that are often overlooked. They propose that dissimilarities between men's and women's transport needs should be taken into account when planning public transport facilities, urban housing and the delivery of health and welfare services. More specifically, policy recommendations include collecting gender-disaggregated data on transport use and employing user group planning techniques that incorporate fair representation of women in order to get gender sensitive feedback on transport.