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Surveys and Suggestions on the Protection of Mobile Women's Family Planning/ Reproductive Health Rights and Interests

Author: X. Jiang
Publication Date: Jan 2004
The current management and services of family planning/reproductive health has limited coverage. Many mobile unmarried adults do not have access to services, neither do a significant proportion of married women of childbearing age. This study is based on focus group and personal interviews in selected counties and districts in Anhui, Shanghai, Beijing, Hubei, and Henan. The diversity in needs for services, the principle of providing services only to those living in the area, differences between areas, and cautious management all present challenges to the realisation of mobile women's rights and interests in relation to family planning/reproductive health. The author recommends improving laws and policies protecting women's rights and interests relating to family planning/reproductive health, and increasing monitoring of implementation of these laws; strengthening cooperation between government departments; building up an effective comprehensive management mechanism, the management/services system should based on the community to cover as many floating women as possible, with effective coordination between the places of household registration and the places where they are presently living.