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Sex Lives in the Aids Era

Author: S. Pan
Publication Date: Jan 2004
This book proposes that to prevent AIDS, instead of always just talking about risk, safer more enjoyable sex lives should be promoted. This book argues that the sex workers are not transmitters of HIV/AIDS but are the first line of victims. The real infectors are the men who go whoring and have other sexual partners. Among these the most dangerous infectors are the men who do not use condoms. It is poverty and gender discrimination, not moral degeneration, that produces prostitutes. Discrimination impedes the prevention HIV/AIDS. We should beyond conventional perceptions to tolerate, understand, and help sex workers gain more access to information, and maintain the rights and interests which women deserve to have in this country despite the fact that they may be sex workers. This is also a way to protect ourselves, and will be beneficial to the whole society. This book also includes articles on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS.