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Erotic Justice: Law and the New Politics of Postcolonialism

Author: R. Kapur
Publisher: Glasshouse Press
Publication Date: Jan 2005
In India, the law reform campaigns of the women's movement over the past few decades have focused in part on sexual wrongs, including rape, domestic violence and dowry murders, sexual harassments, obscenity and trafficking. Likewise, the international women's movement has given much attention to violence against women. Yet despite all these efforts, violence against women continues to occur on a staggering scale. This is due in part to the continual portrayal of women as victims by the women's movement. This book argues that instead of these victim approaches we need to create a space for 'the erotic subject'. In other words we should recognise that it is possible for women, including 'third world' women, and 'sexual subalterns' (those excluded by norms around sexuality, such as homosexuals and sex workers) to be not only objects of violence, but also, or instead, subjects of their own erotic desires. Grounding our strategies in this perspective can be empowering, and enable a more fundamental challenge to the prevailing sexual and gender order.