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Men, Ageing and Health: Achieving Health Across the Life Span

Publication Date: Jan 2000
Gender norms and expectations affect men's health throughout their life course, including in old age. For example, men often avoid seeking care due to the belief in many cultures that health-seeking behaviour is a sign of weakness. Older men may be particularly vulnerable since they may be less tied into social networks than women. This paper provides specific information and examples of initiatives and programmes - aimed at health professionals, policy-makers, as well as older men themselves - to improve the health of ageing men. It highlights the urgent need to provide more information about the male ageing process and to promote ageing in a positive way. Men should receive education and be prompted to take on teaching roles themselves, leading self-help groups and advocating on behalf of their ageing communities. The creation of a greater range of employment options for ageing men is also important, together with work to change attitudes of employers and employees towards older workers.