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Called to Speak: Six Strategies that Encourage Women's Political Activism

Author: A. Caiazza
Publication Date: Apr 2006
In recent years interfaith communities have been reinvented to provide a space for women's political activism and leadership. Based on interviews with women activists in religious community groups, this Research-In-Brief report outlines six successful strategies used by interfaith community groups to encourage women's participation in areas where they have traditionally been excluded - religion and politics. Successful strategies described in the report include providing role models for women's political and religious leadership, creating space for women to be more confident address to speak in public developing opportunities for women to cross lines of race, religion, and class, providing opportunities for women's leadership training, developing mentoring programs, and making engagement in decision-making appealing to women by addressing their needs and concerns. The report features in-depth examples of how organisations have used these strategies to successfully encourage women's political activism.