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Freedom of Choice: A Youth Activist's Guide to Safe Abortion Advocacy

Author: T. Baker, J. Chagas, M. Eugenia Miranda
Publisher: Youth Coalition
Publication Date: Oct 2007
This guide aims to build young people's capacity to advocate for safe abortion care services. It is aimed at young people, people working with young people, and sexual and reproductive health and rights advocates. The guide examines the types of restrictive abortion laws that exist globally and discusses how they have a particularly negative impact on youth because of added stipulations regarding consent, compulsory reporting to parents and costs of abortion services. Advocacy tips are provided, such as the suggestion that potential activists should research a case in their country where a woman has successfully challenged the abortion law in order to obtain a safe abortion and explore how they could use this case to advocate for a change in the law. Chapter two explores some of the barriers young women face in accessing safe abortion care services, even in countries with liberal abortion laws. Barriers may include a lack of knowledge about when and how to access safe abortion services, or an inability to afford safe abortion services - particularly for young women who are least likely to be economically and socially independent. Section three introduces the main international human rights treaties and provides an interpretation of how specific human rights relate to women's right to abortion. The final section provides helpful tools and tips for a safe abortion care advocacy campaign, including exercises on how to deal with opponents, how present a case to a politician, and how to deal with the mass media.