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Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Centre Concerning Hungary, For Consideration by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women at its 39th Session (July 23-August 10, 2007)

Publication Date: Aug 2007
The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) submitted this parallel report to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Using primary research it highlights areas of concern with regard to the situation of Romani women in Hungary, and reveals that, as victims of multiple discrimination, Romani women experience obstacles in accessing equal education, health care and adequate housing. In addition they face high unemployment levels, and face barriers in accessing justice through administrative or institutional channels. One of the most pressing issues addressed in the report is violence against women: 42 percent of the women surveyed had suffered or were suffering from domestic abuse; only 20 percent of these women had contacted the police; and in only one case did the police respond effectively. Another particular concern is unemployment, with sixty-two percent of respondents being unemployed. Romani women face higher rates of unemployment than both the general Hungarian population and Romani men due to a combination of childcare responsibilities and widespread discrimination by employers. Many Romani women also reported being unable to access medical care due to newly implemented ?visiting fees? which they could not afford. In addition, Romani women experience segregation and substandard care in maternity wards, and reported several instances of forced sterilisation.