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Feminicidio: un fenómeno global; de Lima a Madrid

Publisher: Heinrich Böll Foundation - European Union
Publication Date: Apr 2010
This document is only available in Spanish.

English title: Femicide: a Global Phenomenon; From Lima to Madrid.

What is the current situation regarding femicide in Latin America, and what does the European civil society have to do with it? As Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the European Union (EU) become closer economic partners, their relationship increasingly involves efforts to achieve mutually recognised responsibilities to defend human rights. In 2007 the European Parliament approved a resolution to take action against the femicide pandemic in LAC, making it a priority in its LAC political agenda. This publication contains the words of female activists, women’s human rights defenders, academics and representatives of LAC civil society to create a picture of femicide in the region. It also evaluates the actions that European civil society is taking regarding this phenomenon. For example, Chapter 3 explains how the European civil society organisation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, helped facilitate European and Latin American parliamentarians collaborating on the topic. This led to legislative advances in the latter region, criminalising and penalising perpetrators of femicide. This publication contains different interpretations of the concept of femicide; some authors highlight the importance of domestic violence while others emphasise its impersonal nature - women killed by strangers. The last chapter describes some of the specific European civil society initiatives to help women’s organisations in LAC.