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Report: The 2nd Regional Conference on Women with Disabilities 2010

Author: K Teerakovitkjon, S Yupa, W Panomkul
Publisher: Disabled Peoples' International Asia-Pacific Region
Publication Date: Jan 2010

This 32-page report documents the 2nd Regional Conference on Women with Disabilities, which took place in Guangzhou, China (29-31 March 2010). Included are summaries of workshops, talks, key findings and conclusions. In the first plenary session, keynote speakers were Charlotte McClain Nhlapo, from the World Bank, and Helen Meekosha from Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA), who spoke about the challenges facing women with disabilities and their organising. The second plenary session addressed the situation of women with disabilities in China, particularly in Guangdong, featuring speakers from the China Disability Institute, the South China Agricultural University, and the Association of Disabled Women. On the second day of the conference, workshops here held on Equal Participation and Education, Poverty and Employment, Health, Harmonious Society and Women with Disabilities, Family and Marriage, Media and Women with Disabilities, and Violence. Later that day, Mijoo Kim (Representative of Women with Disabilities Arts and Cultural Network in Korea) gave the talk ‘Women with Disabilities Issues in the Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities – Seeing from the Gender Perspective’. Among the identified key issues for women with disabilities were: violence and abuse, forced sterilisation, motherhood and parenting, education and employment, housing and citizenship. The noted barriers to the inclusion of women with disabilities included negative stereotypes from both gender and disability.