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Guide on how to integrate disability into gender assessments and analyses

Publisher: USA Agency for International Development
Publication Date: Jan 2010
Conducting a gender analysis is a requirement for all USAID Operating Units prior to developing projects and activities, and a gender assessment is required for Mission-wide strategies. Both these analyses and assessments should look at the roles and potential inequalities between all women and men within a targeted geographic area and should encompass all individuals, including all forms of diversity (e.g. ethnicity, age, religion, race, disability, etc). In practice, however, taking into account how diversity and gender dynamics might vary within these different groups has often been ignored and forgotten. One of the groups that is most frequently excluded from gender analysis- but is present in all ages, levels of society, geographic regions, and ethnic and racial groups- are men, women, and children with disabilities... This document serves as a “how to” guide on including women and men with disabilities into USAID’s gender assessments and analyses.