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Gabriela Women's Party

Publisher: Gabriela Women's Party
Publication Date: Jan 2012
Named after Gabriela Silang, who led a regional revolt against Spanish colonisers almost 400 years ago, Gabriela is a national women’s coalition formed by diverse groups in response to the Marcos dictatorship. This website is the home of the Gabriela Women’s Party, an off-shoot established in 2000 and now the fourth largest political party in the Philippines. With over 100,000 members and two representatives in Congress, this site documents how Gabriela has succeeded in introducing significant reforms in the area of women’s rights in the last decade. An extensive resource of legislative documents and speeches dating back to 2007 is archived here, together with a summary of recent laws and rights that apply to Filipina women. Among the issues that feature heavily on the site are violence against women, democratic rights, and in particular human trafficking. Described here along with Gabriela’s other projects, each campaign is also linked to relevant news, legislation and resources.