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Changing their world: concepts and practices of women’s movements, 2nd edition

Author: S. Batliwala (ed), J. Price, A. Limm, The SANGRAM/VAMP team
Publisher: Association for Women's Rights in Development
Publication Date: Jan 2011
This collection of four case studies of marginalised women's attempts to organise and empower themselves and others is the 2011 update to AWID's Changing their World: Concepts and Practices of Women's Movements. Covering sexuality, conflict, disability and sex workers, the case studies highlight the origins, structures and strategies adopted by feminist movements in challenging contexts. Included in the publication is a paper entitled 'The Seeds of a Movement: Disabled Women and their Struggle to Organise' by Janet Price. She contextualises the challenges, both those unique to disabled women (including past and present marginalisation from the feminist community itself) and the exacerbation of more universal, gender-based problems, including violence, poverty and lack of political voice. The case study talks in depth on the various aspects of disability politics, from male domination of disability discourse to race and class biases, as well as the place of disability within feminist politics and the women's movement. Provided is an example of Indian feminists working alongside disabled women as partners to coordinate the 10th International Women's Health Meeting in New Delhi in 2005. Finally, strategies and external challenges, both national and international in nature, are discussed with particular focus on the use of new communication technologies such as the internet to establish and grow global movements.