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Violence against women with disabilities: papers, articles, reports and submissions (2006-2010)

Publisher: Women With Disabilities Australia
Publication Date: Jan 2010
This collection of documents, hosted on the website of Women With Disabilities Australia, contains papers, articles reports and submissions on violence against women with disabilities, dating from 2006 to 2010. While many of the documents focus on an Australian context, the collection also includes a paper created by the International Network of Women with Disabilities (INWWD) Discussion Group on Violence. This paper argues that a broad range of actors have important roles to play in redressing violence against women with disabilities. In addition to brief descriptions of gender-based violence against women, disability-based violence and the intersection between the two, the following question is posed: Why are women with disabilities targets of violence? The answer given is that patriarchal societal attitudes primarily involve blame, coupled with vulnerabilities resulting from disability. Violence against women with disabilities is often hidden and ignored; a list of factors contributing to this “invisibility” is provided. Among the conclusions, it is noted that some disabled women do not consider themselves to be victims of violence because they perceive their situations as habitual and associated with their disabilities. Several different measures are recommended, including fighting stigma and violence against women and girls with disabilities through awareness campaigns and community discussions. The INWWD consists of women from local to international organisations, groups or networks of women with disabilities, as well as individual women with disabilities and their allies.