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The Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) guidebook: a systems approach to low carbon development in cities

Publisher: World Bank
Publication Date: Jan 2013

The World Bank and DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability developed this draft guidebook to help cities and urban practitioners design and implement a Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) that complies with the LCCDP Assessment Protocol. LCCDP is a systems-approach to low-carbon development, which includes a framework and comprehensive set of requirements that help cities plan, implement, monitor and account for low-carbon investments and climate change mitigation actions.

Conclusions include that creating a diverse and balanced Portfolio of Interventions under the LCCDP requires that each municipality guide the development, approval, implementation and evaluation of interventions through two key subprocesses: the Intervention Registration Process, and Intervention MRV Process. Among other conclusions is that coordinating and managing data is a critical aspect of the MRV system; therefore, municipalities' capacity needs should be addressed prior to the Program’s launch – either through building skills and expertise of municipal staff, or hiring external technical expertise.