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Monitoring the effectiveness and impacts of policies to accelerate access to energy by the poor and women

Author: Govind Kelkar, Dev Nathan
Publication Date: Jan 2009

This three-page brief highlights the importance of monitoring activities in supporting governments by evaluating the effectiveness of pro-poor and gender-sensitive policies, the goal of which is to accelerate access to energy for the poor and women. It is suggested that generally pro-poor and gender-sensitive energy policies act in one or more of three domains: availability, access and end-use of energy services.  However these factors, in turn, may or may not have an impact on the wellbeing of energy users, which is frequently overlooked. Therefore the monitoring framework proposed in the brief is divided into four levels in order to address all of the key domains i.e. availability, access, end-use and, finally, impacts on wellbeing and capability.

(Adapted from summary