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Youth and transport: the emergence of youth strategies

Publication Date: Jan 2014
This short resource discusses why youth have become involved in transport strategies. Whilst conventional transport strategies are planned for youth, they are not planned with youth: participatory planning has tended to focus on adults as units of participation and rarely dipped below the line of majority (official adulthood). The recognition that there is a need to repair this transport provision and planning participation deficit is one policy drive that has led to the growth of youth transport strategies.

Another policy drive to increase youth transport strategies is the environment and the limitations of urban congestion. Policy is now trying to encourage people to use private motor vehicles less and public transport or non motorised modes such as walking or cycling more. Youth are an appropriate focus for any change policy as youth are more likely to learn new travel behaviours.

The paper also discusses how new information communication technologies can assist in integrating youth voice and participation into the transport environment. Youth transport strategies are already being explicitly discussed in Australia and the United Kingdom and the document provides links to these strategies.