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ARROW resource kit

Publisher: Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women
Publication Date: Jan 2014

This Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW) publication, the ARROW Resource Kit (ARK), is a compilation of the most effective governance and management tools and resources that ARROW has developed over the past 20 years. ARROW decided early to give equal priority to programme and organisational development, and has since been assessed by donors and external evaluators as strong in both aspects. ARROW has documented and shared their experiences to enhance their own development, as well as to support and encourage other organisations. The ARK is a resource for leaders and managers working in the women’s movement or other movement-based organisations, as well as scholars and organisational development practitioners.

The ARK is divided into four chapters, the first of which provides a brief history of ARROW’s inception and growth as a feminist organisation dedicated to sexual and reproductive health and rights, highlighting key developments, etc. The second chapter describes ARROW’s core beliefs, including that consciously acknowledging and mediating power can lead to a higher level of participation in an organisation; this chapter also shares processes, tools and stories related to ARROW’s structural pillars. In the third chapter, the authors illustrate how ARROW has succeeded in building partnerships, focusing on the following topics: the selection of partners, sharing power in partnerships and capacity building. The fourth chapter presents the main components of ARROW’s organisational sustainability strategies, as well as resources for each. The conclusion summarises the main lessons ARROW has learned over the years, among which is to invest in process: take steps to come to common understandings, agreements and decisions over any governance, organisational or programmatic matter in a way that creates a sense of belonging, inclusion, valuing and collective ownership. The final, and perhaps most important, lesson is the importance of sharing insights, tools and resources among women’s organisations. Through the ARK process, ARROW realised that more time and effort must be invested into its own organisational development, for which there has been insufficient funding in recent years. This publication is made possible with support from the Global Fund for Women, Nina Raj, Sida and the Ford Foundation.