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Women's rights campaigning: info-activism toolkit

Publication Date: Jan 2014

Tactical Tech created this online toolkit for women's rights activists, advocates, NGOs and community-based organisations seeking technological tools and practices to enhance their campaigning. It contains a collection of multimedia resources which are divided into the following sections:

  • Basics – an introduction to basic campaigning how-to's: identifying your audience, crafting your campaign message, building and managing networks, copyright policies and practices, campaign analytics, digital security and privacy;
  • Strategies and practical tips for creating effective digital advocacy campaigns – social media, culture jamming and creative campaigning (drawing attention to an issue or bypassing censorship through creativity and humour), digital storytelling, crowdsourcing, participative mapping, action through mobiles, streaming content, crisis mapping, etc.;
  • Tools – digital tools for info-activists in the following categories: audio, collaborative, image, mobile, outreach, print, security, video and tips;
  • Examples – dozens of examples of info-activism from around the world, organised by type of tool and region. In addition to the gender-related examples, various others (regarding environmental, social, economic and political justice) are also included.

The following are among the many gender-related examples illustrating some of the strategies and tools used in different parts of the world:

  • 'MyQuestion/MyAnswer' is an NGO-initiated mobile phone service that enables young people in Nigeria to access sexual health education anonymously and securely via text messages and phone consultations;
  • The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers used digital video to document abusive conditions and human rights violations reported by detained sex workers in Cambodia, then posted the video on YouTube and, etc., contributing to the closure of one of the so-called ‘rehabilitation’ centres;
  • Egyptian artists and advocates created a short animated video based on traditional Arabic stories re-told from a feminist perspective;
  • UN Women launched a campaign centred around the creation of ‘sexist Google search term posters’ showing images of women with the results of real searches, revealing the extent of sexist opinions on the world wide web, and how deeply entrenched gender inequalities are.

The tips cover: photography, outreach and media, collaboration, video and audio recording, and more. Advice for outreach and media include how to plan a site made with Content Management Systems (CMS) and social media tips, including: post content regularly and often; be as responsive and transparent as possible; end your posts with a question; offer content with good value, and stay on topic; draft customised social media workflows; and develop a contingency plan to follow in case of an emergency. Tactical Tech is an international organisation dedicated to the use of information in activism, such as the use of data, design and technology in campaigning, as well as helping activists understand and manage their digital security and privacy risks.