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Socorristas en Red - Socorro Rosa: A feminist practice for the right to choose in Argentina

Author: G. De Cicco
Publisher: Association for Women's Rights in Development
Publication Date: Jun 2014

Abortion is illegal in Argentina, with three exceptions: when the pregnancy was the result of a rape or abuse against a woman with a mental disability, and when the pregnant woman’s life or health are at risk. However, even these cases often end up before the courts, and women continue to undergo surgical clandestine abortions that put their lives at risk. In this article, feminist activist Dahiana Belfiori talks about the feminist collective Socorristas en Red - Socorro Rosa (pink relief) that is implementing safe accompaniment for women opting for medical abortion.

The network was created in early 2012, after several informal meetings between individual feminists and collectives active in the National Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. Many of the members had been doing accompaniment in an isolated, ad-hoc way, and saw the need to organise and share information, knowledge and experience around these practices, as well as to streamline criteria and build knowledge about their work.

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