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Women’s Social Security and Protection in India

Publication Date: May 2013

What are the real-life situations and challenges relating to Indian women’s social security and protection, and what can be done to improve them?

This publication documents the Conference on Women’s Social Security and Protection in India (6–7 May 2013), held at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. The main objective of the conference was to identify and unpack various perspectives on the issue of social security for women in India by bringing together a diverse range of participants from government, trade unions, women’s organisations and UN agencies.

The various conference participants pointed to the existence of a number of government-sponsored schemes for promoting the social welfare of women; and for achieving other goals – such as poverty amelioration, reduction in malnutrition and provision of healthcare and basic services, with a special focus on women. However, it was argued, these social security programmes still do not reach the most vulnerable sections of society, especially marginalised women, due to various systemic failures.

With a view towards addressing these issues and ensuring the efficient delivery of social security schemes for women, efforts were made to raise questions and seek possible answers and solutions to them during the course of the conference.

The participants shortlisted certain recommendations and suggestions for future action to ensure social security for all female workers. These recommendations are delineated at the conclusion of this publication in the form of a Charter of Demands.