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African leaders champion women’s empowerment as the key to unlocking the continent’s agricultural potential. The initiative to Empower Women in Agriculture (EWA) recognises women as the unsung heroines of African agriculture

Publisher: African Capacity Building Foundation
Publication Date: Jun 2012

"Strengthening the role of women in agriculture has far-reaching consequences on economic and agricultural growth, food security, and better standards of living in Africa. The Empower Women in Agriculture initiative (EWA), launched in Addis Ababa on the fringes of the African Union Summit, focuses on two main areas to support this development agenda: advocacy and direct support of women, especially young women, in the agriculture sector.

The advocacy initiative is championed by African Heads of States with a renowned record of service for promoting women’s empowerment and agriculture and key private sector patrons from the continent. This is primarily directed at African governments, decision-makers, international donors and the private sector with a view of mobilising additional resources and support to empower women in agriculture.

Five African Heads of State and Government, together with several private sector champions have been identified to advocate for empowerment of women as a key factor for increasing agricultural production and thereby improving economic growth on the continent. These champions have promoted gender equality and empowerment of women in their respective countries and in Africa. The identified champions will lead in advocating for an integrated approach to empowering women to be at the forefront in agricultural production."

To find out more about these activities, including the Gender is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC) network and the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa (SDGEA), visit this e-article. It also links to the following documents: 

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