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Security Council Adopts Resolution 2122 (2013), Aiming to Strengthen Women's Role in All Stages of Conflict Prevention, Resolution: Senior Officials Brief on Progress, Challenges in Implementing Landmark Text

Publisher: United Nations Security Council
Publication Date: Oct 2013

In 2013, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2122, which aims to strengthen the participation of women in all stages of conflict prevention. The present document is the senior officials brief on the progress and challenges in implementing this landmark resolution. It contains an account of the meeting, the full text of the resolution, and comments by country representatives and other officials.

The Permanent Observer of the African Union commented that, while transitional justice mechanisms and processes are anchored at the national level, the AU and sub-regional bodies continue to play a pivotal role in influencing the adoption and implementation of such justice processes on the continent. A report by its Panel of the Wise recommends than the African Transitional Justice Policy Framework be developed and implemented by Member States. The draft has gone through a final review by experts, and will be further considered by all member States. The AU remains convinced that the document will be a significant contribution to comprehensively promoting justice and accountability in ways that further the equal rights of women and their right to equal participation in decision-making.

The Nigerian representative said that the lack of sex-disaggregated data on security threats prevents action that could contribute to greater security for women. Sexual violence against women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations should remain a matter of high priority, she said, calling for justice and more systematic monitoring of such acts. The Council should develop appropriate mechanisms to ensure women’s participation in all aspects of mediation, post-conflict recovery and peace-building, she said, urging Member States to adopt and implement comprehensive legislation on violence against women as a concrete step towards enhancing women’s access to justice. Strong advocacy to break the culture of silence and promote zero tolerance across the globe is fundamental to restoring the rights and dignity of women in all circumstances, she added.