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Fund for African Women report

Publication Date: Aug 2013

In November 2004, African Heads of State and Government adopted the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa (SDGEA), which demonstrated a commitment to women’s empowerment. Article 11 of the Declaration calls for the establishment of an African Trust Fund for Women.

The Fund for African Women has five main objectives:

  • Mobilise financial resources to support development programmes and projects for women;
  • Support women initiatives to fight poverty, close the gender gap and halt their marginalisation;
  • Share experiences and best practices on economic, political and social empowerment of women;
  • Facilitate the dissemination of information on the activities of African women; and
  • Strengthen the capacities of African women in leadership, management and entrepreneurship.

The African Union (AU) Women, Gender and Development Directorate (WGDD), has made the Fund for African Women its number one priority to complement the African Women’s Decade Road Map.